About the company

PAELA Ehitus OÜ is young, dynamic construction company. We opened in 2012 and from day one started work.The company is located on Estonian capital. Its principal activities are the general and sub-contracts for themedium and small construction business. We carry out such works as:


http://paela.ee/ehitus/images/stories/plan.jpg* Facade work of any complexity

* Insulation of foundations

* Gyprock works and painting

* Demolishing works

* Other works



Head of the "PAELA Ehitus OÜ" has higher education in construction. And is engaged in the construction work for more than 10 years.

"PAELA Ehitus OÜ" workers are skilled and experienced in the construction industry.


If You want to build something, just contact us. We will build everything for You.


Mihhail Grinkov,

Juhatuse esimees.


email: grinkovm@gmail.com

Tel: +372 55 100 52


Dmitri Grinkov,

Juhatuse esimees.


email: grinkovd@mail.ru

Tel: +372 55 043 960


Aleksandr Pavlov,

Objektijuht, Tallinn

email: alestehitus@gmail.com

Tel: +372 58 455 390