Our Objects

Our builders have done their works on such objects as:


2013 year. 

Heina 47, Tallinn Apartment repairs(2) , General Contract

Haava 14, Tallinn Second etapp , General Contract

Sõle 15, Tallinn Apartment repairs(2) , General Contract

Tallinna mnt 15, Narva Apartment repairs (2) , General Contract

Vilde 80, Tallinn. Apartment repairs(1) , General Contract

Mustamäe tee 147, Tallinn Apartment repairs(2) , General Contract

Siitsi 7, Tallinn. Apartment repairs(1) , General Contract

2012 year.

Haava 14a, Tallinn. Insulation and waterproofing of the basement. General Contract

Akadeemia tee 38, Tallinn. Repairs. Tiling works, General contract

Sõpruse pst. 238, Tallinn. Facade works.  Kivex Subcontract

Tabasalu, Tallinn. Texas. Facade works. Tempsi. Subcontract

Rävala 4,Tallinn. 2nd floor. Office. Gyprock works. Subcontract

Neitsi torn, Tallinn. Demolishing works. Subcontract

Toom Kooli 15, Tallinn. Reconstruction. Subcontract

Toom Kooli 21, Tallinn. Demolishing works. Subcontract

Viru hotell, Tallinn. Gyprock works. Sportland. Subcontract

Kolde pst. 78, Tallinn. Facade works. Tempsi. Subcontract

Lille 15, Tallinn. Facade works. Wooden walls. Subcontract


2011 year.

Kultuur Kaatel, Tallinn. Demolishing works. Subcontract

Tuukri 15, Tallinn. Facade works. Tempsi. Subcontract

Vormsi 12, Tallinn. Facade works. Tempsi. Subcontract

Uus Kalamaja 5, Tallinn. Demolishing works.Subcontract

Suur Pala 5, Tallinn. 2nd floor. Office. Demolishing works. Subcontract

Paekare 38, Tallinn. Gyprock works. Kindergarden. Subcontract



Other small works and objects


Mihhail Grinkov,

Juhatuse esimees.


email: grinkovm@gmail.com

Tel: +372 55 100 52


Dmitri Grinkov,

Juhatuse esimees.


email: grinkovd@mail.ru

Tel: +372 55 043 960


Aleksandr Pavlov,

Objektijuht, Tallinn

email: alestehitus@gmail.com

Tel: +372 58 455 390